Our Process


How the whole thing works:

At Jemson Cabinetry, we believe in devoting the proper amount of time to both the planning and design phases of the project, and our tried and true process ensures we maintain to your timeline and budget.

Our first, best step is a showroom appointment – hopefully with some basic information such as pictures on your smartphone and approximate room dimensions. (No need for exact dimensions – we always field measure!)

Step 1 – Establish a budget

With a few pictures on your phone and some basic room dimensions, we can usually generate a solid budget for your project at our first meeting. This typically happens in our showroom where you can review all of the products we offer and we can determine if we are a good fit for your project. This can also take place at your home or project location. Both timeline and budget will be discussed.

Step 2 – Initial estimate and design agreement

Once the project design and budget have been established the next step is to “hire” Jemson to proceed with finalizing subcontractor quotes and finish selections and final pricing. A Design Agreement and deposit are prepared and the project can proceed.

Step 3 – The agreement

Once you are totally satisfied with the scope, budget, and timeline of the design proposal, the agreement will be signed. This allows us to finalize any details involving subcontractors and contracts. You will be given all project designs and renderings.

Step 4 – The project itself begins

A site visit is scheduled to verify all aspects of the project. Subcontractors such as the plumber and electrician are scheduled as well.

Upon all final design, including CAD drawings and perspectives, finish selections, and full contract, your project enters Jemson’s proprietary job process and system.

We will communicate the job schedule and provide a calendar of each day’s planned activity throughout the project.

Our Project manager acts as your liaison. If there’s anything you need, just let him or her know. We will always keep you fully informed of project progress.

Step 5 – Completion

Once all work has been done, a Jemson representative will perform a walkthrough to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work. Any service issues will be handled promptly. The one-year warranty period begins once you tell us everything is in order.
If you need any clarification regarding this process, please don’t hesitate to call us at Jemson Cabinetry. We look forward to serving you!